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“I'm not that interested in managing wealth. Still, I need to be confident with a plan for saving. REDE encourages me to participate; on my terms. Together, we're defining my relationship with wealth—and REDEFINING outcomes.”

The Importance of You

You have the starring role in the management of your wealth and long-term financial plan; we’re your supporting cast. We’ll ask important questions, provide seasoned investment advice and manage the technical details that drive you crazy, but you are always in control.

Your engagement in the big picture is key to meeting your long-term financial goals. That’s why we work so closely with you to develop your unique Investment Process.

How We Do It


We encourage you to understand your own preferences, even if you don’t handle the details. What’s your risk tolerance? Do you want to save slow and steady? Or do you embrace the possibility of both bigger investment returns in exchange for the risk of larger losses losses?

If you’re truly comfortable, clear-eyed, and confident about the way your financial portfolio is being managed, you’re far more likely to stay the course and avoid impulsive, emotionally driven choices that leave you short of your investment goals.

It’s never too late—or too early—to create an Investment Process to guide your financial journey.

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