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“Wealth is more than a calculation. It’s personal. REDE highlights the difference, giving me the clarity to make objective decisions. Together, we’re defining my relationship with wealth—and REDEFINING ordinary.”

What We Do

Time to take control of your wealth management—without being overwhelmed, confused, or isolated by the size of the task that planning your financial future by yourself can appear to be.

When we work together, you get a snapshot of your current retirement picture, plus a shortlist of specific actions that will help you achieve your version of wealth.

You also get to choose how involved or hands-on you’d like to be in your day-to-day wealth management.

No matter what, we will sit with you to define what matters most for you. We’ll also set up structures and systems that empower you to move steadily toward your investment goals.

Too often, we meet individuals who can’t seem to make forward progress. They might avoid their wealth entirely, letting it languish in savings accounts. Or they make smart investment decisions but veer off course with emotional responses when market turbulence affects their portfolio.

Money often triggers our emotions, but these knee-jerk reactions and impulsive decisions can lead to compounding losses for investors.

Common challenges include:

  • Believing that we have the foresight to time the market
  • Purchasing an investment because we are attracted to rumors of what might be rather than the reality of what is
  • Holding an investment rather than selling it because we inherited it from a loved one
  • Retaining investments, regardless of affinity, because we simply don’t like the idea of paying the requisite taxes

So how do you position yourself to avoid making the mistakes inherent in emotional investing?

It all begins with your unique Investment Process.

We help you strengthen and flex your rational decision-making abilities, even in tough situations, by working with you to create a clear investment strategy  and realistic financial planning objectives.

Your Investment Process has four parts:

  • Assessing your individual circumstances and financial portfolio;
  • Establishing an allocation based on that inventory;
  • Honing the investment discipline for your allocation; and
  • Setting parameters to track and monitor the overall process.

Read on for details.

How We Do It